Why the need for Splints?

Splints are an excellent way to manage bruxism a.k.a grinding.

There are various reasons bruxism can come about. Bruxism can often lead to fatigue contributed by poor quality of sleep, headaches, muscle spasms, clicking of the jaw, arthritis later in life, breaking of susceptible teeth and teeth clenching during the day.

B.Rite at home, Dentist teeth whitening can make splints for you at the comfort of your home. We use mobile materials (i.e. the splint) and disposable dental tools for moulding. All tools used during this procedure are sterile.

Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition (NTI) splints are much less cumbersome than the conventional type of splint which is generally made in a laboratory.

When you visit your local dental practice, the RRP is $650.00. B.Rite at Home, Dentist teeth whitening price is only $350.00 providing you with significant savings.



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