Facts on teeth whitening

Dentists are the only health professionals who can efficiently and effectively whiten your teeth with a whitening gel for the maximum amount of time being just over sixty minutes.

Beauty salons are only legally permitted to use a whitening gel of varying content for 20 to 40 minutes. This will not whiten the teeth just remove surface stain. This makes the teeth appear whiter.

Dentists are the only professionals who are legally permitted to use a 25% peroxide to guarantee the best and the whitest result. Only a Dentist has the knowledge of true teeth whitening. i.e. that by re-shading the tooth from the inside will provide that long lasting white and the correct shade.

A Dentist knows that these optimum results can only be attained by using the Zoom Light and Gel.

Philips disclosure statement

BRite at home Dentist teeth whitening use a VITA shade guide (professional dental tool) to determine your START SHADE.

The Zoom Whitening procedure is that there will be approximately three to four 15 minute cycles using 25% peroxide.

We use the VITA Bleaching shade guide at the end of the procedure to ascertain your FINISH shade.

VITA Bleaching shade guide

Frequently asked questions

How long will the whole consultation take?
It will take under two hours.
How long does it take to whiten the teeth?
It takes just under one hour.
Can I eat afterwards?
Yes. You can eat any food which does not contain cooked tomatoes or turmeric that can be found in Indian curries for the first 48 hours post procedure. It is important to avoid tea, coffee and red wine also for the same amount of time.
What do you apply to my teeth?
We apply hydrogen peroxide in gel form.
Is the gel strong?
Yes, the gel is strong – 25% hydrogen peroxide.
Will whitening make me gag/dry retch?
It is highly unlikely that gagging/dry retching can occur. Your mouth will only be slightly open for the majority of the session, gagging occurs with mouth wide open.
Can I smoke after?
Not immediately. Please avoid smoking for the first 48 hours after the procedure.
Will it hurt?
The treatment is non-intrusive but you may experience a little sensitivity during the procedure and then for 24 hours after.
Can I take something to dull the sensitivity prior to the procedure?
Yes, I always recommend Nurofen or Nurofen Zavance 2 hours prior to the procedure. Or you can take Panadol as an alternative mild pain relief.
Can I claim back some of this treatment with my Private Health Provider?
No. The majority of Health Insurance companies do not cover cosmetic procedures.
When and how do you sterilise your equipment when you are not in a dental practice and you travel from one appointment to another?
All immediately disposable. Single use items.
Will using splints at night get rid of my teeth grinding habit?
No it is to protect your teeth.
Is there difference in quality lab made splints vs to your NTI splints being made by B.Rite at home Dentist Teeth Whitening?
No, the NTI moulds arrive in their form, B.Rite at home will add an acrylic to tailor it to the individual teeth.
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