I had such great results from the Zoom whitening. I’d tried packet whiteners before but hadn’t really gotten the results I was hoping for. Fizza was able to get my teeth to the top level of whiteness on the chart in just one appointment!

The in-home service she offers is friendly and convenient. It’s a bonus not having to travel, and a luxury having a fully qualified dentist in the comfort of your own home. Fizza was professional at all times, informative prior to the treatment, and calming about any concerns I had. Her care with after treatment follow-up was also outstanding.

I highly recommend Fizza’s service. AB, Brighton

“I had the good fortune of choosing Dr. Fizza Hussain (B.RITE AT HOME) for my Zoom Whitening. From the outset, the advantages were clear. The procedure could be done at home. I was accessing a clinically proven whitening procedure performed by a Dentist I respect and recommend. The results were fantastic, far exceeding my expectations. The service was professional, convenient and the results were brilliant.  The entire experience was an absolute pleasure and I have no hesitation in recommending B.RITE AT HOME and Dr. Fizza Hussain.“ AM, Hawthorn

“Wanting to brighten my smile, I had previously tried teeth whitening with mouth guards and gels but found the process very time consuming and very disappointing. Recently I came across BriteAtHome and thought the idea of having a whitening process that could be done in one easy treatment and in the relaxing confines of my home very appealing! Dr Hussain’s gentle nature made me feel at ease as she proficiently whitened my teeth in just 45 minutes! The results were amazing and the compliments from family and friends have been glowing!” SJ, Beaumaris

I highly recommend Dr. Hussain’s services. She is extremely knowledgeable and helpful and provides the complete service in your home – all the while making you feel completely at ease. She arrived on time and was extremely professional in her approach.
The procedure was explained to me in full and I was given ample opportunity to ask questions. Most importantly I was thrilled with the instantly noticeable result. Dr. Hussain also diligently followed up the next day to see how I was going following the procedure. I cannot recommend her highly enough. Excellent service.’ ML, Hughesdale

“I found Dr Fizza Hussain to be a very pleasant and diligent professional. The whole Teeth Whitening process was easy, non invasive with instant results. As a 73 year old woman my teeth were badly stained. Very dark brown. I used to be embarrassed to smile. Now people comment on my teeth as the difference is so significant. I now have a smile to be proud of.” Tamara Pacalt

“I’ve wanted to get my teeth whitened for some time, so to find a cost effective and convenient option like this was amazing. In just over an hour I had the perfect result, no discomfort at all. Thoroughly recommend this service to anyone.” RA, Bentleigh East

“I was very impressed with my teeth whitening results that I received from Dr Fizza Hussain. Being a Dentist she was very thorough in explaining the procedure and even gave me some great tips to keep them whiter longer. And the convenience of getting it done at home – priceless! I would highly recommend her services.” John Giddings

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